Nitric Oxide Supplements and their Importance to Body Builders

Not known to many of us but nitric oxide is actually a gas found in our bodies to perform various biological functions. In fact extensive researches held by scientists have revealed that there are many advantages of this gas. And because of this, many drug-producing companies are creating Nitric Oxide Supplements for the people who are deficient in it and want to increase its level. As there are numerous advantages of using these supplements, many body builders and athletics are favoring it.

Before moving further let us talk about few benefits and chemical significance of Nitric Oxide…

What is Nitric Oxide?

Nitric Oxide chemically known as NO is a molecule made up of single nitrogen and oxygen atom. It is a gas which is produced naturally by breaking up of amino acids by an enzyme from L-arginine into L-citrulline.

What are the functions performed by NO in human body?

One most important function performed by nitric oxide is that it helps in regulating blood flow and circulation in different parts of our body. It also plays crucial role in executing activities related to body organs such as lungs, stomach, brain, kidney etc. It also supports our immune system by fighting against infectious diseases caused by tumors, parasites, virus and bacteria. Sexual problems like erectile dysfunction can also be prevented by using these supplements. Adequate supply of NO also protects people from a condition called atherosclerosis where our arteries become hard to function properly.

Why Nitric Oxide supplements are used by body builders?

NO supplements have become a great craze among body builders. Reason being, they help in building muscles. When these boosters are consumed channels of arteries get widened thus allowing more blood to flow through it. Due to this more oxygen and nutrients will also get transmitted to our muscles gaining more muscle mass. Moreover, NO also aids healing process after suffering from cuts, wounds, abrasions, and ligament and muscle injury.

Do they have any kind of side-effects?

Just like all good things have a bad side too nitric oxide can also have certain side-effects. Nitric Oxide if consumed in excess lead to asthma, hives, itching, vomiting, breathing problems, wheezing and severe sweating. However, balanced intake of NO supplements gives outstanding results as we have discussed above.

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